10 to 200 mm
Diameter Tolerance
± 0.005
Center Thickness Tolerance
± 0.008
Focal Length Tolerance
± 2%
Surface Quality
Surface Irregularity
1 Fringe @ 633 nm



Mechvac offers a wide range of Optical Prisms in a variety of designs, substrates, or coating options. Designs include Right Angle, Penta, Wedge, Equilateral, Dove, or Rhomboid prisms.



To meet specific application needs, Mechvac offers plates in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and coatings.



very large telescope mirrors

Zerodur a registered trademark of Schott AG, is a lithium aluminosilicate glass-ceramic produced by Schott AG. It is used for a number of very large telescope mirrors and Mechvac solutions for the same.

Zerodur has been used for a number of very large telescope mirrors. With its very low coefficient of thermal expansion it can be used to produce mirrors which retain acceptable figures in extremely cold environments such as deep space.



Performing as windows, domes allow you to easily protect electronic sensors or detectors without sacrificing field of view. Our domes are hemispheric in shape making them easy to mount directly to any surface.