Mass Spectrometry

Mechvac has received Technology transfer from Government of India to produce quadrupole mass spectrometers (residual gas analyser). We have all the electronics, mechanical test set ups to manufacture the same.

Analyser Unit

The quadrupole analyser is available with a choice of ion sources, mass filters and detection systems. The standard ion source is a radially symmetrical design fitted with twin filaments and suits most applications. The standard filaments are tungsten but thoria coated iridium are available if required.

The Electronics Unit

This compact Residual gas Analyser contains the complete quadrupole electronics that plugs directly onto the analyser. Communication with the PC Computer is via the RS232.
The unit has a performance and features only found on more expensive Residual gas Analysers, and yet its small size and low cost is achieved by the use of the very latest electronic techniques.

Software Features

The new 'Windows' RGA software for the Residual Gas Analyzer mass spectrometer has been designed to be 'user friendly' and very simple to learn and use.